Friday, April 11, 2014

It's been a very long time since i updated anything.. this blog was pretty much dead since my film was done, so from now on i will start posting and updating more to keep it alive for the sake of my progress. All in all, it was a crazy time working, traveling and polishing a lot of my previous work. I started studying online (the name is "Studio Technique" and it's based in Montreal) mentored by the amazing Samantha Youssef. So far it was intense but a huge learning curve for me. So will post some pencil tests soon.   on top are some old designs just so i can post something in the meanwhile..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Music & Sound bits

Hi, been working on finishing some details for the backgrounds and been animating some inbetweens and secondery actions.
I'm in the final 2 shots, so finishing before weekend and then basically ready to scan it all and start to put it all together.

From the minute I finish scanning and organize it all , I really should be able to finish the project in a week or 2, cause AE running comp already exists (the only problem is the timing that i already did and now i have to re do again because now these are the final drawing and also some of the shots have more frames UNLESS jack, you told me u know a way to use what i've got as a reference and i think it's possible).

Anyway, here's what Nick (my sound guy did):

He worked on 2 parts: the airport section and the beginning.
I really like the beginning, cause it's a playful scene and it's not suppose to be dramaic. It's fun and matching the images which is great!

The Airport section is wonderful, cause i love Jazz music and it suit it perfectly.
I just can't believe how much sound and music contribute...
Anyway, i told him i love it. If any of u see this, feel free to give me feedback!

See u next week !!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Title and Backgrounds done!

Hi, quick update...

Finished Backgrounds. Now i'm tracing the lines with a darker pencil, adding some details.
Will finish it over the weekend.

Next week, i'm going back to the animation and filling some inbetweens and secondary actions (more frames in some shots).

After that everything will basically be ready for composition in AE.

The drawings and backgrounds will be imported into photoshop to match aspect ratio.
The drawings will have to be lined up (peg).

From there i bring it into the AE file and start placing the process.

And Jack - i'm going with your title, so thanks for thinking about it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't have anything to add....

Hi there, to anyone out there (probably no one :) - don't have much to update..
I've been working on my backgrounds for the past 2 weeks.
LAST background to go and i'm ready to go over them with pencils and fill them with grey tones.

I'm working on the interior house and the outside when Minnie starts running.....i haven't decided if it's a neighborhood or a lonely house on a a country side or just a quiet area??

Scanning some of the rough planning sketches tomorrow!

Other then that - have a new sound guy (very nice and talented person, his name is Nico and he got the files from me. Will start running some experiments soon)

That's it i think.... upload some stuff to show tomorrow!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


I finished with most of the Animation. I will get back to it after I'll finalize my backgrounds.
I still have 20-30% animation to complete (mostly secondery actions and inbetweens here and there for the sake of fluid animation, but the shots are done as far as i concern.
The only thing is that once i'll finish with the rest of it, i'll do a revision and make sure the design sticks all the way through, check details and lines.

I started to work on my backgrounds in the middle of last week. Got 6 done + prop design that i already finished from concept art stage.

Over the weekend i've completed 2 rough layouts - the interior house design and the Zoom on the shelf from the dog's view.

It takes a little bit' of time cause' i trace the lines with a light box after each time i finish a background to have a clean look.

My goal is to try and finish a few backgrounds every week.
Will probably upload some soon.

That's it for now...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running Edit and DVD Cover


O.k. Here is a running edit timed (Not Final).
Still lots of work, BUT not much as i already done.

Now i just noticed that i didn't scale the animation up (silly me), so sorry about it...will export it again, but hope you'll still be able to see and understand.

Another thing is the end which isn't clear right now, because i still need to finish off 2 shots i added and also finish off the animation and timing. Then it will make much more sense and we will understand the ticket is there and so is the guy realize how far his dog went.

I'm happy it's shorter now - under 3 minutes - what i really wanted in the beginning and i will try to keep it short when i time the final piece. In the animatic it's 4 + minutes....

Please please please feel free to criticize and comment (Jack - i will add the ticket under the ball and she will take the ball with the ticket all the way!!! - and think about a new title!!! :)

I thought about "all the way" , "Rolling", "Best friends" ......i don't know....I'm lost, help me! :)

Other then that, let me know what do u think overall !!!

I already wrote that i will add the 20% animation left in the next stage (milestones 2), but majority of the animation is done.

Now as for the Milestones:

1 - i have a running comp (+ timing)

2 - rough soundtrack is on the way (Probably be ready this weekend or next week from the sound guy)

3 - Animation: 2 last shots to finish inbetweens for and I'm done (but can't finish it by this weekend just because of the god@#@@$n essay....
I will probably looking at next weekend.

Then I'll decide if to finish off Animation completely, or finish backgrounds first and then continue with the 20% left.

In the meanwhile, this is my cover. Very very simple...few days ago i had a better idea to improve it, but i was working the entire weekend and now it's too late....but maybe after the film would be ready I'll put myself into it more..want to color it and add more details...
That's it for now.